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Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA)



LECA production line consists of small, lightweight, bloated particles of burnt clay. The thousands of small, air-filled cavities give LECA its strength and thermal insulation properties. The base material is plastic clay which is extensively pretreated and then heated and expanded in a rotary kiln. Finally, the product is burned at about 1100℃ to form the finished LECA product.

LECA production line is mainly used in oil field and the finished product, building materials , gardening , refractory insulation materials, Chemical and so on. ceramic sand is adopted as oil pressure support agent.

Light expanded clay aggregate is producing in more than 20 countries with different brands name, Some countries which produce aggregate with almost the same industrial way are as:

Italy, Denmark, switzerland, Norvey, Germany, Finland, Portugal, U.K, and Iran with brand of Leca.
Russia, Poland, Sweden,China, with the brand of Keramzite. South Africa with the brand of Argex. Spain with the brand of liapour.

Entirely Natural Product

LECA is an environment-friendly, entirely natural product incorporating the same benefits as tile in brick form LECA is indestructible, non-combustible, and impervious to attack by dry-rot, wet-rot and insects.

Natural Building Material

LECA is a natural material and a LECA building is a healthy building, so that  is, Leca  has been used in competition projects for allergy-friendly, healthy homes.

Used as a thermal-insulation material in houses, LECA has been saving energy for more than 50 years, and is now a standard component in low-energy development projects all over the world.

Leca Advantages
Cost Reduction of Load Bearing Structure
Using Leca products in building leads to decrease 20~30 percent of dead load.Considering this matter while designing, will result to reducing and optimizing load bearing structure, lessening steel concrete and steel and increasing structural proper function against earthquake. LECA production line also gives off more confidence coefficient for any possible defect.

Cost Reduction of Installation
Insulating feature of Leca products help us to buy installation system with more optimized capacity of heating and cooling at the reasonable price, and saves the building energy at considerable rate.Performance of a test on building in 2006 showed 3.5 U.S.D cost reduction per square meter for installing cooling system.

Cost Reduction of Maintenance
Thanks to durability and lacking of destructive effect on building components, specially on installation system. Leca plays a good role to lower maintenance cost moreover in case of masonry or repairment , destruction of components goes to minimum.

Prevention of Wasting Space
Raising walls with Leca blocks prevent wasting of interior space in building. However, other constructional materials may lessen the interior space.

Accelerating Implementation Process
Having various shapes and longer dimentions, Leca light weight blocks accelerate the implementation procces. Lower the labor energy cost and turn over also goes higher.

Coast Reduction of Transportation
Since the Leca aggregate which used to produce light weight concrete and precast panels is too light, transportation cost decrease and its lightness facilities the moving of Leca concrete components.

Reduction of Material Waste
Physical applicability of Leca blocks prevents wasting of constructional material in cutting, ridging and nailing etc, which also saves mortar and labor cost.

Our LECA productions are broadly used in as follows:
A: Garden plants growth,
B: Oil and gas proppant material,
C: Foundry and Cast sand and grits,
D: Water and sewage filtration,
E: Building materials,
F: Road and highway materials.

Main data of the Everbright LECA and LESA as follows


Density grade

Packing density (kg/m3)

Compression strength (Mpa)

Water absorption rate (%)

Light weight


310 - 400




410 - 500



High strength


510 - 600




610 - 700




710 - 800




810 - 900




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